Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones, Waterproof



  • This Wireless Bone Conduction Headphone is a wireless bone conduction headphone-free Bluetooth communication system. They can communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth with all smartphones and other electronic devices, allowing you to easily and safely listen to music and phone calls without being constrained by wires.
  • Innovative wireless bone Conduction headphones deliver a premium audio experience. With the wide dynamic range and rich bass, you have ensured the best on-the-go audio. More importantly, no vibration during use.
  • After making an initial setting operation called “Pairing”. second time on, when you push the power switch, “ON”, some phones will reconnect automatically while others will show the message, “Do you want to connect with this item?” If you see this message, you must push “OK”.
  • Enjoy 6 continuous hours of audio while you tackle your goals. Magnetic charging cables charge the headphones in 2 hours. 20 day standby time.
  • The weight of these bone conduction headphones is only 30g, it can not be difficult for your behavior. And the far efficient distant is 10m, it is further than other products.
  • Imported from USA.